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GO! Kombucha all flavours

“This is an exceptionally refreshing and lively Kombucha, really complex fermented taste, clean, aromatic and lively. Excellently produced with skill.”

 Go Kombucha Great Taste Awards 2 Star Great Taste 2017 judging panel critiquing GO! Kombucha Red Pu-erh

“An extraordinary product. Well-rounded, tasty and subtle in its approach. Refreshing, light…It’s crisp dryness was astounding and level of fizz super.”

     Go Kombucha Great Taste Awards 2 Star Great Taste 2018 judging panel critiquing GO! Kombucha Green Sencha

FROM THE ANCIENT CHINESE DYNASTIES of 221BC to modern day raw foodie enclaves in the West, Kombucha tea has been enjoyed and revered as a revitalising low sugar, gut-healthy, probiotic-rich elixir for millennia. Only GO! Kombucha makes it real and keeps it true to the original time-honoured recipe and traditional hand-crafted brewing method to yield the quintessential sweet/sour taste, alcohol-like “kick” and body that defines and characterizes real, authentic Kombucha tea, just as it should be.

Available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Panacea in London, Infinity Co-operative in Brighton and independent health food stores plus a growing number of fine restaurants, delicatessens and wine bars across the UK. Or buy online here to experience our expertly-crafted, naturally sparkling Kombucha tea as it has been enjoyed since 2003 – totally raw, live and kicking, full-bodied and less than 4.5g sugar per 100ml with absolutely no added fruit juices, sugary syrups or artificial processing of any kind. 

“Simply tea slowly fermented the Ancient Chinese way for today’s fast-paced lifestyle!”

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