why GO! kombucha?

GO Kombucha red pu-erh

the ingredients

  • Filtered water, leaf tea, sugar (<4.5%) and the Kombucha culture – that’s all!
  • Zero-rated for VAT and below the UK sugar tax threshold – totally tax free!
  • Only the finest organic teas sourced for flavour and contrasting taste notes.

the brewing

  • Fermented in small batches for up to 3 weeks to ensure optimum strength/potency.
  • Not pasteurized, filtrated or force-carbonated, just naturally fermented tea.
  • No artificial or industrialised processing so no two batches taste exactly the same.

in the bottle

  • ‘Conditioning’ develops in the airtight bottle for a sophisticated taste experience.
  • Remains stable if stored in a cool dark place below 14C/57F, no need to refrigerate.
  • Effervescence from naturally occurring carbon dioxide occurs inside the bottle.

without compromise

  • Hand made every step of the way, from brewing the teas to applying the labels.
  • Tinted green glass – never clear! – to protect the living tea from UV light erosion.
  • Always recyclable glass – never plastic! – to avoid ‘leeching’ of harmful chemicals.

good to know

  • Up to two-thirds of the tea’s caffeine is dissolved by the Kombucha culture.
  • Kombucha tea recommended for everyone except pregnant women and infants <6.
  • Since 2003, the UK’s longest-established, most-trusted Kombucha tea brand!