More and more people are discovering Kombucha tea as a healthier alternative to processed high sugar drinks. These testimonials are from others who have enjoyed GO! Kombucha over the years . . .

Natural Products, December 2017

Natural Products article

GO! Kombucha’s Red Pu-erh Fermented Raw Tea – described by judges at the Great Taste Awards as ‘an exceptionally refreshing kombucha’ – is an earthy tea, delivering plenty of body and is positioned as a non-alcoholic alternative for cider fans. Click here to read the full article in Natural Products (PDF)

Natural Products, December 2017

VOGUE, October 2017

Vogue Cover - testimonial

“Unlike processed mass-produced brands, Great Taste 2017-winning premium GO! KOMBUCHA sparkling tea is naturally handmade in small batches in Sussex, and 100% raw to help maintain normal gut health.”

Click here to view in Vogue’s Culinary Collection

VOGUE, October 2017

Times Food Magazine

Go kombucha Testimonials Times

“Something’s brewing”

The Times Food Magazine

Stylist Magazine

Go Kombucha Testimonials Stylist

“The healthy living trend that will improve digestion and boost your immune system… Try Go! Kombucha’s delicate green brew.”


Men’s Health Magazine

Go Kombucha Testimonials Mens Health

49 Best Things in the World to Eat Right Now! – “An acquired taste but totally worth it for the health benefits.” (http://www.menshealth.co.uk/)

Click here to read the full article in Men’s Health (PDF)

Men's Health

Helmsley + Helmsley

GO Kombucha Testimonials Vogue Helmsley and Helmsely

“Our friends at Go!Kombucha (brew) a number of Chinese teas to make tasty variations on this 100 per cent live and raw ferment. Since no industrial processes are used, no two batches are ever the same”

Helmsley + Helmsley

In Balance Magazine

Go Kombucha Testimonials In Balance Magazine

“Our taster was an addict by the time the bottle was finished!”

In Balance Magazine

Natural Products Magazine

Go Kombucha Testimonials Natural Products Magazine

“Has the distinctive bite associated with home-brewed Kombucha.”

Natural Products Magazine

Sarah Stacey, The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine


“Being teetotal often means tap water or queasy-making orange juice at parties. Hosts please take note: new organic GO! Kombucha tea is delectable and healthy.”

Sarah Stacey

Karen Knowler – Raw Food Directory


“SINCE my trips to the US had introduced me to the marvel that is kombucha tea, I returned home to the UK searching for some this side of the pond. Alas the best I could find was a sugary needs-to-be-diluted version, that is until GO! Kombucha came on to the market.

“I love this kombucha! It’s so nice to be able to drink something that has a bite to it and is good for me – something that is not always easy to find in the world of raw foods. Of the two flavours, Chinese Green Sencha is my favourite, but not by much – the Chinese Red Pu-Erh tea is also great.

“All in all, I highly recommend GO! Kombucha for both taste and results.

“Try some today!”

 Karen Knowler (January 2012)

Karen Knowler
Raw Food Directory