our story and philosophy

We began brewing Kombucha tea as a hobby. That hobby became a passion, then a mission to perfect the finest, most authentic living tea possible…

GO Kombucha Green Sencha
GO! Kombucha harnesses the natural properties of the culture without compromise for the full-bodied, sophisticated Kombucha tea experience sought by connoisseurs.”

GO! Kombucha is the UK’s oldest Kombucha tea brand established in 2003, but it’s heritage can be traced back to the mid-1990s, on a houseboat moored on the Thames in Teddington, Middlesex. There the recipe was perfected and finely-tuned over ten years for our own consumption, until production was stepped up to supply demand from visitors and, eventually, to sell at local fetes. Then the realisation struck that our production could be modestly scaled up to create the UK’s first, 100 per cent authentic Kombucha tea brand. 

carefully selected aromatic teas

100 per cent authentic meaning we don’t add sugary fruit syrups or purees to flavour as we believe the already finely-balanced characteristics of Kombucha combined with our carefully selected range of fine teas speaks for itself, without requiring an added layer of complexity to potentially overload and confuse the palate. Real Kombucha tea should be in equal parts sweet/sour in taste with a complex mouth-feel and back-of-the-throat sharpness, or “bite”. Shop sold Kombuchas, increasingly, are pasteurised, filtrated and/or force-carbonated to stabilise their fructose-hungry yeasts, resulting in fruit pop-like sodas that lack the maturity and depth of unadulterated, real Kombucha tea.

GO! Kombucha harnesses the natural properties of the live Kombucha culture without compromise, infusing it only with the finest range of organic leaf teas each selected for their exquisite aromatics, unique flavour and contrasting character and taste notes: grassy, medium-dry white wine-like Green Sencha; punchy, Great Taste 2-star award-winning Red Pu-erh; delicate, fragrant prosecco  / champagne-like China White (a.k.a. “Pai Mu Tan”); zesty, craft ale-like Yunnan Gold with caramel undertones; and our newest addition to the range, Darjeeling Black, our first Indian leaf noted for its prized muscatel grape-like fruitiness, and known as the “champagne of teas”.

sophisticated tea-drinking experience

And because we rely only on the flavour of our teas and nothing else, this yields a full-bodied, sophisticated tea-drinking experience with the substance, depth and kick sought by Kombucha connoisseurs and those seeking a satisfying alternative to sugary soft/fizzy drinks and alcoholic beverages alike – while also being below the 5 per cent threshold for the UK’s sugar tax! Further, we eschew modern industrial production methods and artificial processing for traditional small batch, handcrafted brewing techniques to ensure symbiotic resonance with every drop of GO! Kombucha tea we brew.

Today, GO! Kombucha continues to be made in the tradition it began in a pokey galley kitchen on a rickety houseboat all those years ago; these days being hand made in small batches at our ‘kombuchery’ on an old family-owned and run English vineyard in the heart of the picturesque East Sussex countryside in Southern England, a part of the Weald Basin recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty; the idyllic setting in which to brew our “divine che” in rhythm and harmony with the laws of Mother Nature herself.

And thereby honouring the very essence of authentic Kombucha tea-making that began in China over 2000 years ago.