how to use GO! kombucha

Start with a 125ml serving a day for the first 6 days (equivalent to a 750ml bottle), then increase to up to 3 servings throughout the day or as often as desired.

GO Kombucha Golden Yunnan
GO! Kombucha‘s kick and sparkling effervescence makes it a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages such as cider and champagne and a perfect base for cocktails.”

GO! Kombucha is fresh brewed tea infused with a live culture of beneficial bacteria, spore-free “good” yeasts, digestive enzymes and B vitamins. Try a glass 10-15 minutes before breakfast to kick start the day, before and after exercise, as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or with the evening meal instead of wine – chilled in your finest glass flutes, naturally!

GO! Kombucha tea is extremely versatile, possessing a distinctive kick and naturally occurring, abundantly sparkling effervescence that many find satisfies any desire or craving to drink alcoholic beverages and with far fewer calories – while simultaneously serving as an invigorating, gut-replenishing solution for hangovers!

naturally Sparkling effervescence

Over half the caffeine is consumed by the Kombucha culture during the fermentation, making our white and green Kombuchas ideal for winding down in the early evening. Green Sencha’s neutral, drier taste also makes it the perfect mixer with your choice of fresh juices, cordials or (our favourite) grated ginger and a twist of lemon or lime.

GO! Kombucha‘s zinginess also peps up alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails alike (our Red Pu-erh may just be the Holy Grail of mixers for vodka!). It makes perfect sorbets and is delicious added to fruit salads, while maturer, vinegary Kombucha provides a zesty, wholesome base for pickling and drizzling as a light, nutritious dressing over summer salads, and can even be used as an effective skin toner and for stripping the hair of accumulated airborne pollutants.

And, so long as not subjected to heavy-handling/dropping, isn’t exposed to natural (UV) light and is stored upright in a cool environment (<14C), GO! Kombucha will remain stable in the bottle up to two years – and won’t unleash its glorious fizz until poured into the glass. Enjoy!