GO! kombucha – the flavours

Finest quality, Great Taste 2 star-winning Kombucha tea, developed, fine-tuned and expertly hand-crafted over 20 years for optimum taste, mouth-feel and flavour . . 

GO! Kombucha All Flavours

China White

An exquisitely delicate white tea, Pai-mu- tan is aimed as much at the sophisticated mainstream palate as to the discerning kombucha tea connoisseur. Its smoother tang and fragrant notes make this Prosecco-like kombucha perfect for unwinding and relaxing on those lazy, hazy days.
(Very low caffeine option)

Green Sencha

A crisp, light tea whose mellowness allows the full kombucha taste experience to burst through. With appley and citrusy notes not unlike a medium-dry white wine and mild sharpness and sparkling effervescence to appeal to most palates, Sencha’s neutral taste makes it the perfect zingy mixer for cocktails. (Low caffeine option)

Darjeeling Black

Dubbed the “champagne of teas” for good reason, Darjeeling is a specially sourced blend of first and second flush teas cultivated from the Ambootia,Risheehat and Lingia estates at the foothills of the Himalayas in West Bengal. Its fruity, complex body owes to its much-prized Muscatel black grape note.

Red Pu-Erh

A refreshingly earthy tea, Pu-erh’s stronger flavour delivers plenty of punch and oomph. Mildly sweet and slightly sour with a robust kick and wildly sparkling effervescence, an ideal non-alcoholic alternative for all cider fans! Pu-erh tea is itself renowned for its appetite-suppressing weight loss properties.

Yunnan Gold

‘Superior Yunnan Gold’, to give it its full name, is zesty and embodies a delectably aromatic, subtly smokey edge, not unlike a refreshing craft beer. Perfect while on the go, during strenuous activity, or drink half a bottle before and after exercise – though we defy anyone who can resist consuming a bottle in one go!