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make GO! kombucha your tipple of choice this party season

Enjoy Kombucha this Christmas

Everyone enjoys a tipple at Christmas, so you might think now wouldn’t be the time to consider cutting back on your regular alcohol intake – unless you’re driving to parties, of course . . .

GO! Kombucha always receives plenty of tremendous feedback from customers pleased – some over the moon! – to have finally found a genuine and healthier alternative to wine, cider, beer, even champagne; a drink that has a similar kick and mouth feel, but without the many downsides that go hand in hand with regular alcohol consumption.

As well as the dreaded morning-after comedown are the unpleasant, more permanent side effects that can arise from regular and over-consumption of alcohol; damage to the heart and pancreas, pressure on the liver, impaired brain and immune functioning, the dehydrating and ageing effect on the skin, and the list goes on.

Real Kombucha tea is not only the perfect alternative to alcohol because it satisfies the mildest desire to the most driven cravings (no small reason why it is often used in sobriety programs), it also works to eliminate the side effects caused by regular alcohol consumption – and also makes an effective hangover remedy to boot!

holy grail of drinks

Sean Murphy, a lawyer from South London, used to unwind after work with a glass or two of wine. “I have a very high-pressured job in the City and used to enjoy wine in the evening simply to de-stress and relax,” he explains. “Then I was introduced to GO! Kombucha and instantly found that drinking just one glass was a wonderful alternative that helped me chill out. It was like discovering The Holy Grail of drinks!”

Vivienne Beckett from Liverpool emailed us: “As a lover of tea and as someone who often turns to a bottle of wine of a week night – and tired of feeling slightly hungover the next morning! – I was given a bottle of GO! Kombucha to try and was astonished how satisfying just a glassful or two is compared to real alcohol. The taste is sharp and its extremely fizzy, light body mimics champagne and other alcoholic drinks.

“The tea simply evaporates on your tongue,” Vivienne enthuses, “ and is extremely effective at quenching your desire or craving for wine. You literally have to remind yourself that it’s non-alcoholic. Brilliant!” So, if you still have absolutely no intention of curbing your alcohol intake this Christmas by replacing that wine bottle with a bottle of GO! Kombucha, then at least resolve to make GO! Kombucha a key player in your post-New Year detox regimen.


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