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GO! kombucha to make it through dry january

Go! Kombucha to make it through dry January

Hot on the heels of Go Sober October, Dry January is a campaign run annually since 2012 by Alcohol Concern to encourage people to give up alcohol for all of January.

A YouGov survey revealed that 16 per cent of the UK adult population attempted to steer clear of the bottle in January 2016, and research by the University of Sussex has found that 72 per cent of people who completed Dry January drink less in the six months afterwards. So, GO! Kombucha is stepping up a gear to promote the uniquely effective role kombucha tea can play in beating the booze, and even providing a permanent stepping stone to sobriety.

multitude of benefits

Kombucha tea is essentially a nutritious live food to be enjoyed sparingly as opposed to, say, sodas and booze, even though we’re often told by customers how GO! Kombucha – brewed longer to yield more sharpness and bite – has replaced their alcoholic tipple of choice. Kombucha isn’t a medicine or wonder cure but, like all fermented foods, helps restore balance to the body’s natural functioning. And nothing pulls the body out of balance more than alcohol…

Physically, alcohol causes dehydration by increasing oxidative stress and free radicals in the blood, leading to a gaunt, sullen appearance. This can be reversed by replenishing the body with the good bacteria and yeasts, minerals and enzymes abundant in live foods and the antioxidants and polyphenols in teas which work as an army to mop up free-radicals, revitalizing the skin from the inside out and slowing down, even reversing, signs of ageing.

comparing the calories

And with 4.2g sugar/100ml, GO! Kombucha packs less than half the calories of any alcoholic beverage. Per 125ml serving:

  • Wine (12% ABV) – 114 calories
  • Champagne – 92.7 calories
  • Beer – 47.3 calories
  • Cider – 46.2 calories
  • GO! Kombucha (all flavours) – 21 calories

So, with all of these things going for it – and also being far easier on your pocket to boot! – little wonder that fermented tea, and GO! Kombucha in particular which is brewed to ensure optimum levels of the good stuff, is fast gaining a reputation for being the best hangover remedy. Bar none

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