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dreaming of a debt-free kombucha business...

dreaming of a debt-free kombucha business…

That GO! Kombucha can stand tall today is a personal miracle, and great gift. I visualised and dreamt today’s reality into being most days these last ten years; in that context each bottle poured and every glass drunk today, surely, is heaven sent ...
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GO Kombucha - Avoid foods that put you at risk

‘ultra-processed’ food and the “kombucha industry” dilemma

Can the Kombucha sector shine a light on an industry that ‘kills’ food in pursuit of mass profits? ...
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why winning Great☆☆Taste means so much 2

It was with an overwhelming sense of relief that our return batch of 3000 bottles of Green Sencha and Red Pu erh rolled off the bottling line in mid-September, immediately selling to our loyal and patient online customers ...
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why winning Great☆☆Taste means so much 1

For three months during 2016, GO! Kombucha ceased production and, to all intents and purposes, was no more after 12 years of pioneering and paving the way for kombucha tea to become mainstream in the UK ...
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GO Kombucha Great Taste 2 Stars

great taste 2017 ☆ ☆ number-crunching

GO! Kombucha Red Pu-erh is rated “outstanding” in the Great Taste awards 2017 - one of only 11 soft drinks entered to achieve at least 2 stars from the Guild of Fine Food ...
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GO! Kombucha Darjeeling Black Label Artwork

introducing GO! kombucha darjeeling black 250ml

Our search for a new GO! Kombucha flavour led us to Darjeeling, India . . ...
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protect your skin’s ‘microbiome’ with raw foods

Skin should be kept mildly acidic to stay healthy and strong - 4.2-5.6 on the pH scale . . ...
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Kombucha and Kefir trump yogurt drinks in laboratory tests for BBC

kombucha and kefir trump yogurt drinks in BBC tests

Ten years ago the BBC cast a sceptical eye over the purported benefits of probiotics . . ...
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Go! Kombucha to make it through dry January

GO! kombucha to make it through dry january

Hot on the heels of Go Sober October, Dry January is a campaign run annually since 2012 by Alcohol Concern to encourage ...
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Kombucha Tea a Fine Balancing Act

the fine balancing act of kombucha tea-making

Producing GO! Kombucha tea on a mass scale can be fraught with potential hazards and learning curves, which years of learning and ...
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Enjoy Kombucha this Christmas

make GO! kombucha your tipple of choice this party season

Everyone enjoys a tipple at Christmas, so you might think now wouldn't be the time to consider cutting back on ...
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New study finds over 24,000 chemicals in plastic bottles

new study finds over 24,000 chemicals in plastic bottles

Recycling and environmental factors aside, drink manufacturers have long pushed plastic over glass. They have steadfastly maintained that the type ...
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Kombucha A Positive Use for Sugar

kombucha tea: a positive use for sugar

We're often asked how can Kombucha tea be healthy when sugar is listed as a main ingredient? Sugar is listed ...
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World Class Mixologist Kombucha Recipe

world class bartender creates GO! kombucha-inspired recipe

GO! Kombucha is used as the base for a signature cocktail at London’s famous Langham Hotel. ‘Kombucha & Sloe’ - combining ...
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Grab and Go Kombucha

grab-and-GO! kombucha

We've been producing authentic hand-crafted kombucha tea for a little over ten years. While GO! Kombucha has undergone several name changes in ...
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Kombucha Tea Beauty Inside and Out

kombucha tea – beauty on the inside and out!

In-the-know cosmetics giants have long used Kombucha in their skin renewal formulas. A 2012 L’Oreal Research & Innovation Study found that ...
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Featured Article

By Gary Leigh, GO! Kombucha Founder

IT ALL BEGAN soon after the sale of my London home in March 2003 when I handed a £30,000 12-month loan to two friends, who wanted to turn a hobby crafting a weird tea on their Thames houseboat into a UK drink brand. When their ambition – and my cash – burned out within a year, I waded in to sweep up the embers of my life-savings.

The business was signed over to me lock stock and barrel, but I was still working out how on earth to kick start it with scant funds – balanced with unpaid work for the voluntary charitable sector – when, in 2005, my “friends” sold their houseboat for approximately half a million pounds and promptly purchased, and relocated to…a vast chateau in France!

By 2007 – with probiotics still off the media radar, funds drying up and resorting to sleeping on cases of Kombucha in a dank Shoreditch warehouse – I turned to 0% credit cards to keep the tea flowing (folks, do not try this at home!) A year on, a further £20,000 spent and the card rates about to shoot up to 20%, I crawled in thinly-veiled desperation to the bank manager…

An angel in disguise? He looked at my business plan and agreed, albeit hesitantly, to convert my now considerable debt into a ten-year business loan commencing fall 2008, with interest fixed at 5% above base rate – a lifeline compared to what would otherwise have been (near certain financial disaster), and just about manageable within the business’s tight cash flow…

finally, free of all debts and covenants!

A decade on. The UK base rate is still mercifully below 1% and…the final monthly loan installment is about to be paid off! GO! Kombucha as an entity will then be, finally, entirely free of all debt and covenants, self-owned, self-determined, and operating fully within its own resources; an event I won’t be able to feel, process or put into words until that impossible day arrives in November.

Today, most new brands circumvent GO! Kombucha’s haphazard trajectory by setting up companies with several or multiple shareholders jointly responsible for shoring up the business, or with corporate cash. I was forced to take the road least travelled and grew GO! organically by reinvesting every single penny while sofa-surfing close to 40 (so not a good look!)

But it was a route that enabled GO! to remain true to its core principles; brewing 100% authentic, premium Kombucha tea over 15 years with mentoring from the late, great Kombucha guru Alick Bartholemew, thereby honouring the Ancient Chinese legacy to this day; free from shareholder demands to cut corners and adulterate the brewing process to bolster profits.

That GO! Kombucha can stand tall today – a major accident on 19 May 2016 that closed production that summer notwithstanding – is what I consider to be a personal miracle, and great gift. I visualised and dreamt today’s reality into being most days this past decade; in that context each bottle poured and every glass drunk today, I believe, to be heaven sent.

Would I have had it any other way? Absolutely not!

FOOTNOTE: The day after the bank agreed the loan the 2008 global financial crisis hit and new loans to small businesses were promptly withdrawn. Synchronicity is a constant, reassuring companion on my journey, but that brush with disaster was a lightning bolt too close to call!