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Why GO! Kombucha?

The ingredients

  • Filtered water, leaf tea and sugar (4.2%) fermented with the Kombucha culture
  • <Half the sugar of sodas and juices - below next year's UK sugar tax threshold
  • The finest organic teas sourced for their elegant and contrasting flavours

The brewing

  • Fermented in smaller batches for up to four weeks for optimum strength
  • Not pasteurized or force-carbonated, just naturally fermented brewed tea
  • No industrialised processing so no two batches ever taste quite the same

In the bottle

  • 'Conditioning' occurs in the bottle for a mature, sophisticated taste experience
  • Remains stable in the bottle if kept cool or ambient; no need to refrigerate
  • Effervescence from naturally occurring CO2 develops inside the airtight bottle

Without compromise

  • Hand made all the way, from brewing the teas to applying caps and labels
  • Green bottles provide protection against erosion of 'the living tea' by UV light
  • Always recyclable glass, never plastic, to avoid leeching harmful chemicals

Good to know

  • Up to two-thirds of the tea's caffeine is dissolved by the kombucha culture
  • Can be enjoyed by everyone except pregnant women and children under six
  • Made near Hastings since 2007; the longest-established kombucha tea brand

Beauty inside & out

  • Kombucha extract used in skin creams by L'Oreal, Chanel and Estée Lauder
  • Apply stringent kombucha to face to tone skin and cleanse and tighten pores
  • Use on your hair to strip away accumulated dirt from airborne pollutants

GO! Kombucha is organic and healthy