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Our Story & Philosophy

We began brewing kombucha on a houseboat moored by the Thames in 1994. That hobby became a passion, then a mission to perfect the finest, most authentic raw tea possible...

Kombucha tea should be neither too sweet nor too sour with a sophisticated mouth-feel and distintive sharpness/"bite". Shop bought kombuchas contain juices and syrups added prior to bottling and increasingly are pasteurised, filtrated and force-carbonated for stability resulting in light, fruit soda-like beverages that dilute the complex depth, intensity and oomph of pure kombucha tea.

By contrast GO! Kombucha harnesses the natural properties of kombucha without compromise, infusing the live culture with the finest range of organic teas each selected for their mature flavour and distinctive character: sparkling light Green Sencha, aromatic Golden Yunnan, punchy Red Pu-erh, fragrant white Pai Mu Tan and (coming soon) fruity Black Darjeeling, "the champagne of teas".

Sophisticated tea-drinking experience

And as we never add anything else prior to bottling this yields a full-bodied, sophisticated tea-drinking experience with the substance and kick sought by discerning Kombucha connoisseurs - and a satisfying, low sugar alternative to soft drinks and booze.

We eschew modern industrial production processes for traditional small batch, hand-crafted brewing methods to ensure symbiotic resonance with every drop of GO! Kombucha we brew, thereby honouring the essence of authentic Kombucha tea-making.

All set deep within the East Sussex countryside near the historic town of Battle in the Weald Basin, an area of outstanding natural beauty and the idyllic setting in which to brew nature's "divine che" - in rhythm and harmony with the laws of nature herself!

GO! Kombucha is organic and healthy