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How To Use & Store GO! Kombucha

Start your GO! Kombucha experience with a 125ml serving a day for the first 6 days (equivalent to one 750ml bottle), then increase to up to three servings throughout the day.

Kombucha tea is a live, fermented food so avoid over-consumption. Try a glass 20 minutes before breakfast to kick start the day, before and after sports, at the office as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or with the evening meal instead of wine - chilled in your finest wine glasses or flutes, naturally.

GO! Kombucha tea is extremely versatile, possessing a distinctive kick and naturally sparkling effervescence that many find satisfies any desire or craving for alcohol - while also serving as an invigorating solution for hangovers!

Naturally Sparkling Effervescence

Half the caffeiene is consumed by the culture making our lighter teas ideal for unwinding at night. Green Sencha's neutral flavour also makes it the perfect mixer with fresh juices, cordials or (our favourite) grated ginger and a twist of lemon or (sub)lime!

GO! Kombucha's zinginess peps up all cocktails (our Red Pu-erh may just be the Holy Grail of mixers for vodka!), sorbets and fruit salads and, as a nutritious food in its own right, makes for a zesty, wholesome base for pickling or sprinkled over summer salads.

And, so long as not exposed to heavy-handling, isn't stored in a warm/humid environment or exposed to natural (UV) light, GO! Kombucha remains stable in the bottle for up to two years and won't unleash its gloriously abundant fizz until poured. Enjoy!


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