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Thursday, 12 September 2013 14:29

Drink of the raw foodies

The more health conscious among us recognize how raw – uncooked and unprocessed – foods make us feel vibrant, energized and full of life.

That’s because such foods are replete with life itself; that is, live nutrients and enzymes naturally found in whole foods that have not been industrialized and stripped of their radiant and revitalizing properties; as opposed to heavily-processed foods which have had such micronutrients zapped and cooked out of them.

It was Hippocrates who said “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food,” and in an age when people are waking up in their millions and realizing you really are what you eat it remains a reassuring fact that kombucha tea is well-regarded by raw foodie communities everywhere as the raw drink of choice!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 09:50

Karen Knowler - Raw Food Directory

"SINCE my trips to the US had introduced me to the marvel that is kombucha tea, I returned home to the UK searching for some this side of the pond. Alas the best I could find was a sugary needs-to-be-diluted version, that is until GO! Kombucha came on to the market.

"I love this kombucha! It's so nice to be able to drink something that has a bite to it and is good for me - something that is not always easy to find in the world of raw foods. Of the two flavours, Chinese Green Sencha is my favourite, but not by much - the Chinese Red Pu-Erh tea is also great.

"All in all, I highly recommend GO! Kombucha for both taste and results.

"Try some today!"

 Karen Knowler (January 2012) 

The kombucha culture is a gelatinous, continuously reproducing symbiotic colony of beneficial bacteria and yeasts.

Consumption of kombucha tea dates back to the Ancient Chinese Dynasties of 221B.C. where its revitalising properties were infused with tea and enjoyed by emperors and warriors alike. Zen Masters regarded Kombucha as a valuable source of ‘chi’ - life energy which aligns and harmonises the body and mind with the soul.

Over the centuries as trade routes expanded, the kombucha tea recipe travelled west into Russia, Europe and America where, today, it is the drink of choice for everyone from "raw foodies" on the East Coast to the Hollywood "jet set" on the West.

GO! Kombucha enables you to experience the natural wonder of deliciously potent, authentic, real Kombucha tea just as it's been enjoyed for millennia.