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Next Sunday at 9pm sees the pilot episode of a new documentary-style police series on Channel 4, Babylon, written by Peep Show duo Sam Baine and Jesse Armstrong – with a guest appearance by GO! Kombucha!

Created and directed by Olympics Ceremony/Slumdog Millionaire/Trainspotting maestro Danny Boyle - who is also executive producing this highly anticipated pilot and subsequent 6 episode series - Babylon takes a wry look at the people and politics in the command rooms and on the frontlines of a modern London police force.

"We look at different levels of the police from guys on the street to the top brass. It's a comedy-drama, it's got jokes and people involved in dangerous situations, which is a new one for us," Bain told Radio Times.

"[Producer] Robert Jones and Danny had wanted to do something about the police, especially about all the Police Camera Action kind of cops, real life filming of police shows and the way they look on TV," added Armstrong, "so we have a documentary crew within our show."

The eclectic cast is helmed by US actress Brit Marling (Another Earth, Sound of my Voice, Community), above, with co-stars James Nesbitt, Paterson Joseph, Jill Halfpenny, Adam Deacon, Daniel Kaluuya, Jonny Sweet, Andrew Brooke and Bertie Carvel.

Marling plays American visionary and fitness fanatic Liz Garvey from the world of new media who is parachuted in from the US to revolutionise the force's PR department. Her first move on arriving to the UK, naturally, is to dispatch her PA to track down some kombucha tea. So look out for glimpses of GO! Kombucha, Garvey's preferred brand, on her desk and elsewhere in next Sunday's episode.

Millions are expected to tune in to Oscar-winning Boyle's return to TV after a 12 year absence, and who knows? He may even be about to inadvertently trail blaze the next big UK health drink craze into the bargain!

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