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Thursday, 14 November 2013 11:36

Brewing Kombucha tea; life responding to life

Anyone who has ever tried making kombucha tea at home will know that the brewing process can be a very hit and miss affair.

Some attribute this to the temperamental nature of the live culture, yet at the end of the day it is only responding to the conditions in which it is being placed. If you have a busy lifestyle and try to rush the process and leave your brew to ferment in isolation for days on end, then chances are your kombucha culture won’t respond by providing you with a perfect brew every time.


Green-fingered people know that plants respond and flourish to loving care and attention because vegetation – like anything else that grows - is imbued with a life-force, and the kombucha culture is no different. Like human beings, if lavished with care and love the brew will tend to produce good results every time, but if neglected or rushed the brew will likely turn against you.

We’re often asked how is it possible to produce large volumes of top quality kombucha tea at a time, bearing the above in mind? Well, we (just!) stop short of piping Buddhist chants non-stop to our brewing vessels but work with individual batches at a time and, critically, by hand with no industrial processes or large-scale industrial equipment whatsoever.

This simple process enables us to develop a symbiotic relationship with the culture and nurture it to its fullest potential, in turn providing you the finest and most alive kombucha tea possible!

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